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Kingsport TN 37664-3340

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I would like ______ copies of _______________________________

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Magazine:  circle selection
$14.95** for Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine. Sept/Oct 2006 [$11.95 + s&h] -or- Nov/Dec 2006 [$11.95+s&h] -or- Jan/Feb 2007 [$14.95+s&h].  A limited number of back issues are also available.
$7.50** for Twilight Times MagEzine. Premiere Issue.
[** plus $3.00 s&h US; Int'l add $6.50 s&h.]

Trade paperback:  circle selection
$11.85* for A Dreamer's Escape. (5.5x8)  [30% discount]
$13.50* for Alien Infection. (5.5x8)  [20% discount]
$13.50* for Angelos. (5.25x8)  [20% discount]
$17.15* for Antonia's Daring Deception (5.25x8)  [10% discount]
$12.95* for Apache Lance, Franciscan Cross. (5.5x8)  [30% discount]
$15.25* for Behold the Eyes of Light. (5.5x8)  [10% discount]
$15.25* for Cynnador. (5.25x8)  [10% discount]
$11.95* for Darkly, Darkly. (5x8)  [20% discount]
$13.20* for Death on Delivery. (5.5x8)  [20% discount]
$10.15* for Death to the Centurion. (5.5x8)  [40% discount]
$11.95* for Doggie Biscuit! (5.25x8)  [20% discount]
$11.95* for Dragon's Moon. (5.25x8)  [20% discount]
$11.85* for Fire Owl. (5.5x8)  [30% discount]
$11.85* for Harry's Agatha. (5.5x8)  [30% discount]
$13.20* for Hotline to Heaven. (5.5x8)  [20% discount]
$17.15* for Infinite Space, Infinite God. (6x9)  [10% discount]
$15.75* for Jay Kaymer's Beginner's Guide to TV Baseball. (6x9)  [30% discount]
$15.75* for Jay Kaymer's Beginner's Guide to TV Football. (6x9)  [30% discount]
$12.40* for Jerome and the Seraph. (5.25x8)  [20% discount]
$12.40* for Life on Santa Claus Lane. (5.25x8)  [20% discount]
$11.95* for Listen to the Ghost. (5.5x8)  [20% discount]
$14.80* for Mary's Child. (6x9)  [20% discount]
$12.40* for Medics Wild! (5.5x8)  [20% discount]
$11.70* for Monkey Trap. (5.5x8)  [40% discount]
$10.80* for Nine Lives and Three Wishes. (5.25x8)  [20% discount]
$13.50* for Postwar Dinosaur Blues. (5.5x8)  [20% discount]
$14.80* for Prophecy: The Awakening. (5.5x8)  [20% discount]
$28.00* for Savage Survival. (5.5x8)  Ltd Ed Hardcover [20% discount]
$15.25* for Shadow Worlds. (5.25x8)  [10% discount]
$11.95* for Sometimes There's a Dove. (5.25x8)  [20% discount]
$12.40* for Strange Valley. (5.5x8)  [20% discount]
$12.40* for The Casebook of Doakes and Haig. (5.25x8)  [20% discount]
$13.50* for The Elixir. (5.5x8)  [20% discount]
$15.25* for The Golden Crusader. (5.25x8)  [10% discount]
$12.40* for The Moon Child. (5.5x8)  [20% discount]
$28.00* for The New Bedford Samurai. (5.5x8)  Ltd Ed Hardcover [20% discount]
$13.50* for The Real Reason the Queen Hated Snow. (5.25x8)  [20% discount]
$12.95* for The Storks of La Caridad. (5.5x8)  [30% discount]
$15.15* for The Vandenberg Diamonds (5.5x8)  [20% discount]
$13.50* for The Wolfman, the Shrink and the Eighth-Grade Election. (5x7) 
$11.70* for Then is the Power. (5.5x8)  [40% discount]
$12.40* for Unraveled. (5.25x8)  [20% discount]
$15.15* for Valley of the Raven (6x9)  [20% discount]
$10.85* for WolfPointe. (5.5x8)  [30% discount]

[* plus $3.00 s&h or Priority mail add $5.50. Int'l add $10.50 s&h.]

* * * End of form * * *

Please send your check or money order payable to Twilight Times Books together with this form to:

Paladin Timeless Imprint
Twilight Times Books
P.O. Box 3340
Kingsport TN 37664-3340

We can accept payment for the above listed titles only. Other titles may be purchased through our distributors and wholesalers; through online booksellers or your local bookstore.

You may also send us an email notification when you send your order via U. S. Postal Service.

We will promptly ship the book to you upon receipt of your payment. If you do not receive an email confirmation of your order within two days, feel free to send an email inquiry to:


For any questions, send an email message to:


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