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An imprint of Twilight Times Books

TT Books is a small trade publisher. Our books have national distribution and the author pays nothing for publication of his/her book.

New titles are now available in trade paperback format. Purchase direct from the publisher or our distributor.

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   I should have read the story about the guy who dies bumping his head on a tombstone before sending you anything. And Twilight Times, as your title, should have tipped me off. You love fantasy.
We currently publish literary works that are exemplary, that transcend genres and/or are beautifully written. We are being *highly* selective as to what we will accept for publication.

For example, we had not published romance until a college professor who had 3400+ Regency romance books on his bookshelves, decided to write one. We had not considered vampire romance until "Embracing the Shadows" crossed the publisher's desk.

Yes, we especially like SF/F, but you'll find literary, magic realism, action/adventure, historical, mystery, thrillers and even self-help books. We have very eclectic tastes.

  How long does it take to hear back on a query? I'm asking this since I notice you do accept e-queries.
It depends. If you send an email query outside the open submissions period, we can be very slow to respond. If you send a query letter during the open submissions period, we do try to respond within three or four weeks. If you do everything right, but forget to insert ttb at the beginning of the subject line, your email query may well be misfiled by our email filters and it could be some time before we come across it.

  Having grown accustomed to publishing fees varying from $200 into the thousands, I find nothing on your website. Could you clarify please?
We pay all expenses pertaining to publication of ebooks or print books, including preview galley copies to reviewers, edits, copy edits, press releases, as well as the formatting, design, artwork, interior layout, actual printing, etc. of the book.

   Also, your site makes no mention of ISBN, LCCN, CIP, bar code.
ISBN and a bar code is printed on each print book we publish. Our titles qualify for the Library of Congress CIP program. If you know what CIP signifies then you are far along into your research. (See

   Similarly no mention of distribution.
Titles published by Twilight Times Books are distributed internationally by B.C.H. Titles published by Paladin Timeless Books are distributed by Florida Academic Press (FAP Books Inc.).

  Does this also include other countries?

  Have any of your books been optioned for movies?
Our first paperback books came out a couple of years ago, so we have not had the media exposure necessary to attract movie offers.

   What size print run do you typically do?
In 2004, our initial print runs were small, 500 - 750 books, while we test marketed our books. During 2008 a few titles will see print runs of 2500 - 5000 books. We can ramp up print runs as needed if reader demand warrants. For example, we printed 1700 copies of Monkey Trap with an offset printer two weeks after the release date.

  Do you ever publish hardcover books, before publishing trade paperbacks?
Yes, we brought out our first Limited Edition hardcovers in September 2007 - Savage Survival, a SF novel by Darrell Bain and The New Bedford Samurai, a non-fiction novel by Anca Vlasopolos. We also plan to bring out selected titles in hardcover in 2008.

  Do you send your books out for reviews?
We absolutely send our books out for review. Media kits and press releases are sent to major publications and galleys/advance reader copies are sent to top reviewers such as School Library Journal, American Library Journal, Booklist, NYT Book Review, Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, etc.

You may be interested to know our titles have received favorable reviews from Booklist (Hudson Lake) and Library Journal (Angelos, Monkey Trap and The Elixir) and The Midwest Book Review (numerous titles). Check out our media room:

Apache Lance, Franciscan Cross was a 2006 WILLA Award finalist as well as a finalist in the category of Historical Novels in the 2007 New Mexico Book Awards contest. The New Bedford Samurai has been accorded the LiFE (Literature for Environment) award and has been submitted for the Pulitzer Prize in fiction, the PEN/Faulkner Foundation Award for fiction as well as the Kiriyama Prize in fiction.

   And what kind of budget do you have for marketing your books? Do you fund book tours and/or radio/TV interviews for authors?
Since we are launching twelve books in a six month period, the marketing budget for most books has been under $2500.00. We will spend more on a couple of books that we anticipate will sell moderately well. By moderately well, we mean 5000+ books sold per each in the next six months.

Sorry, no we do not fund book tours and/or radio/TV interviews for authors. For their mid-list authors, the major NYC publishers don't either.

   Could you give me some idea of the range of advances you pay your authors?
Please keep in mind we are a very small operation at the present time. We rarely pay an author an advance. An advance on royalties is basically payment of one year's worth of royalties.

As you may know, most NYC print published books stay on the bookshelves a couple of months and then they are pulled off. (See We plan to keep our books in print for a long time.



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